About Timeout Retreats

Timeout Retreats is a company based in Florida that was founded by two certified registered nurse anesthetists who have extensive experience in pediatric care. Like many healthcare professionals they have faced burnout due to long hours and stressful working conditions, which led them to understand the importance of self-care and staying active.

Timeout Retreats offers luxury accommodations, gourmet food, and travel adventures for healthcare professionals, combining continuing medical education with relaxation in a luxurious setting.

Sherry Coakley, CRNA , MSN

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Lauren Freedman , CRNA, DNP

Our Story

At Timeout Retreats, our story begins with a vision to redefine the traditional conference model for healthcare professionals. Our retreats offer more than just educational sessions—they provide an immersive experience where learning seamlessly merges with relaxation in a luxurious setting. In a profession often marked by burnout and demanding schedules, we set out to create an environment where continuing education becomes a rejuvenating experience. Gone are the days of uninspiring conference rooms and lackluster accommodations. Instead, we meticulously curate every aspect of the retreat, from lavish lodging and gourmet meals prepared by private chefs to thrilling activities like boating and zip-lining. Our goal is to seamlessly blend learning and leisure, fostering a space where networking flourishes, and participants forge valuable professional connections. With a focus on intimacy, in-depth discussions, and a boutique atmosphere, Timeout Retreats promises an unparalleled experience for healthcare professionals seeking both personal and professional enrichment.